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Ecommerce trends 2018: 9 major trends impacting the world of work


Ecommerce continues to drive growth in the consumer industry, with the European sector valued at €602 billion last year. Several reports indicate the main and intriguing ecommerce trends across European consumer markets. We’ve reviewed those and e...

Challenger Mindset Driving Asahi's European Expansion


Japanese food and beverage manufacturer Asahi is Europe’s third largest brewer, with revenues close to €2billion, 1,900 employees and customers in 80 markets. After making in-roads into the European beer market in April 2016, buying the Peroni and...

Competency based interview questions: A hiring manager’s guide


Still the best way to recruit? Competency based interview questions are said to be the most effective way to determine whether a candidate is suitable for a role. Each question in a competency based interview, sometimes referred to as a structured...